Unexpected water ingress and poor ground conditions during underground construction usually escalate costs, can have a negative influence on the environment/construction process, and inevitably cause significant delays. Grouting with cementitious products including additives, hydraulic binders, expanders or wash-out admixtures, also used as suspension, are hereby often carried out as a specific measure to counteract these risks. Additional, they are used as an economical approach to a wide range of different application fields, wherein Adriatic Drilling & Grouting offers its service: Grouting measures for compensation Ground stabilization and permeation Contact grouting (e.g. roof gap/ annulus gap) Curtain grouting (e.g. in the construction of dams) Grout Sealing to prevent water inflow in tunnel and shaft construction Stabilisation and sealing of fault zones in the rock mass Compaction grouting to increase the load bearing capacity of the subsoil Passive pre-stressing of concrete inner shells Investigation of water permeability in rock (Lugeon test) Segment backing between sheet waterproofing and concrete inner-shell Cavity filling Some specific assignment of these measures, for example to meet mechanical or hydrogeological characteristics, necessitates the knowledge of various ground parameters, like the stress-strain behavior. The in-time-evaluation of these parameters in combination with surveillance and the ground reaction could be of essential.

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